Abira Niye Harvey

Creative Artist

“Turn your mirrors into windows”

Artist & Creator

Earth without Art is just 'eh'

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Art Prizes

Royal Arts Society – Arts & Crafts Competition
Liverpool City Art Prize – Casula Powerhouse
Hornsby Young Artist Competition
Art on Loftus Multiple Award Winner
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NSW Rep: 175th Anniversary Royal Adelaide Show
Guest Artist Speaker: SHH Centre for Hybrid Arts
NSW Education Excellence Awards



Needlework & Sewing
Metalwork & Wood carving
Gift Card Making

Artworks by Abira Niye Harvey

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  • 2018 Refugee Ball Donation

    Donation of artwork ‘Landscape Divide’, successfully sold at silent auction at the Refugee Ball 10th Year Anniversary.
  • 2018 Centenarian Arts Project

    Teen artist from NSW selected to paint a portrait for a community member turning 100 years of age. Celebrating Centenarians in our community.
  • 2018 'Postures of Parrots'

    ‘Postures of Parrots’ artwork was recently used in the lobby to Ban Live Export * exhibited at Epping Arts Fair.
  • 2018 'Tension - A Body of Work'

    Abira’s artwork titled ‘Tension’ was selected for Northmead Creative & Performing Arts High School’s Mid-year Arts Showcase.
  • 2017 'The Unsung Hero'

    Multiple prizes: Hornsby Young Artists Exhibition, Art on Loftus, & Royal Arts & Crafts Competition – ‘The Unsung Hero’
  • 2017 'ESCAPE'

    Abstract creation from the word ‘ESCAPE’. Winning HIGHLY COMMENDED Award at 2017 Art on Loftus Competition.
  • 2014 'Abstract'

    Abira painted this large abstract outdoors, as an experimental piece using drips and splashes of paint.
  • 2014 'Baloo the Muppet Puppet'

    Fully functioning puppet based on Abira’s black labradoodle, Baloo, 1st Prize at Sydney Royal Arts & Crafts Competition.
  • 2016 CGHS Archibald Prize Winner

    1st Prize in the 2016 CGHS Archibald Prize Competition, and work published in the CGHS 60th Anniversary History Book.
  • 2015 'A Flower's Beauty Unearthed'

    COMMENDED Award for Youth Section Art on Loftus 2015, representing the theme – The Heart of the Matter.
  • 2019 Working with Pastel -1

    First draft with pastel, depicting a Renaissance scholar.
  • 2019 Working with Pastel -2

    Experimenting with pastel (draft)
  • 2015 Fleur the Cow

    An artwork Abira completed in an evening as a Birthday gift for her Mum who loves cows.
  • 2013 NSW Art Gallery Competition

    Abira’s Artwork ‘My Sydney’ was presented at Sydney Art Gallery attended by Ken Done, Countess Natalie von Faber-Castel & Jenny Sages.
  • 2015 'Afternoon Events'

    Abira was guest speaker & exhibitor at SHH Arts Gallery’s 2015 themed show representing alternative works created in an unusual manner.

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