1st Prize CGHS Archibald Prize Winner

Sketch Portrait

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2016 1st Prize – CGHS Archibald Prize              2017 Selected Artwork Publication – 60th Anniversary CGHS History Project ‘In the Pink’

Abira gained 1st Prize in the 2016 CGHS Archibald Prize Competition with her portrait of Ms Sourlas (Abira’s school art teacher). After a school interview with her art teacher, Abira ran to her (closed) art classroom, stole (borrowed) some paintbrushes and rushed back to Ms Sourlas, asking if she wouldn’t mind placing the paint brushes behind her ear. 

Abira then took photos of Ms Sourlas, and with her permission, sketched her portrait for the CGHS Archies.

Abira was then approached in 2017 by the author of ‘In the Pink’ requesting Abira’s permission to publish her artowkrs in the historical publication of Cheltenham Girl’s High School for their 60th Anniversary. Abira’s sketch can be found on page 247 of the publication. 

CGHS Archibald Prize
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    Portrait of Ms Sourlas
    1st Prize CGHS Archibald Prize Winner
CGHS Archibald Prize
CGHS Archibald Prize