Commended - Art on Loftus Competition

‘ESCAPE, Beyond Embodied Truth’

sketched underline

Abira’s artwork titled ‘Escape’ was awarded 2017 Art on Loftus Commended Award.

Abira created this artwork from the word ‘ESCAPE’. This 1 metre square experimental artwork evokes a cool landscape fantasy from a distant world. Imagery can be interpreted by the viewer, and has been suggested as icebergs and water, a ship, a full moon resting on the horizon, and even the London Bridge over the River Thames. 

Ultimately, it pertains to the beauty of nature in conflict with the elements of survival for humanity through climate change… so it’s reaching beyond the truth of the art on multiple planes to the conflict between humanity and its impact on humanity’s very core of existence… our climate.

Acrylic on Canvas.
ARTIST: Miss Abira Niye Harvey

    Art on Loftus - Commended Prize