Abira Niye Harvey

Singer/ Songerwriter


Album Singles

Lyrics and music by Abira Niye Harvey

  • IDK Where (released on global music platforms – Feb 2020)
  • I’m My Own Girl (released on global music platforms – Jan 2020)
  • Change the Way (in response to Modern Slavery)
  • Hear Our Voices (in response to the March 15, 2019 student rally against Climate Change)
  • We Are All the Same
  • Alone
  • Blue Coffee
  • Starlight
  • Breaking Away
  • You’re Perfect for You
  • Do I Mean Nothing
  • Wild Thoughts


‘You can find me where the music meets the ocean’

Abira discovered guitar alongside her love for poetry, ballad writing and composition. She is currently working on producing her own album, and recently performed one of her own compositions titled ‘ALONE’ for the first time!

Abira has 9 songs in the pipeline. These have developed from her proactiveness in environmental and social causes. “… it’s about being a voice for others, having a purpose and a momentum. It has got to come from within – in response to what is without.”

Abira recently met Aloe Blacc and found his songs uplifting, globally embracing and providing a voice for others. Her passion is to write for empowerment through collaborative social movements and a joining of purposeful voices. Abira is inspired to write more songs about important issues for her generation, and share these with the world in a way that is uplifting and collaborative.


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