Landscape Divided

sketched underline

Abira donated her artwork titled Landscape Divide which successfully sold at silent auction at the Refugee Ball 10th Year Anniversary. 

‘An artistic expression of the division of human rights, the landscape of geographic, political and cultural divide, and the healing and rebuilding of memory.’ – Abira Niye Harvey

Abira formed this abstract from the word ‘SUN’. A tension is created by the shape of a boat at sea against the colour of land, representing the tensions experienced by refugee survivors of war, violence, torture or forced migration and division experienced from their homeland.

Warm colours depict hope and recovery and the vast and welcoming openness of our Australian landscape and our people; the rounded structures represent the rough terrain and mountains of healing and rebuilding of life; the varying lines and colour represent sedimentation of layers of people as they form new communities within our country; and the drips represent memories left behind, and the new ones that lie ahead.

Exhibited and Donated: Refugee Ball 2018
Celebrating 10th year Anniversary
NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS)

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    Refugee Ball 10th Anniversary
    Donated Artwork: Landscape Divided
Landscape Divided - Refugee Ball Donation