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‘Postures of Parrots’

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Abira’s ‘Postures of Parrots’ artwork was recently used in the lobby to Ban Live Export, and exhibited at Epping Boy’s Art Fair.

Abira was approached by a lobbyist to request use of her artwork in a commercial media publication petitioning against Live Export. ‘Postures of Parrots’ was also exhibited at the Epping Boy’s Art Fair.

Abira was inspired to produce this ink and watercolour artwork while caring for a rescue rainbow lorikeet (named Salvadora – as he was rescued after 5 days in a heatwave). The artwork was created after musing over Salvadora’s many postures in his daily antics.

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    'Postures of Parrots'
    Supporting the Ban on Live Export
‘Postures of Parrots’
‘Postures of Parrots’